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Advantages of Raw Material:

This Adhesive Film Dressing uses high-performance substrate, hypoallergenic glue, and also meets the relevant requirements of YY/T 0471 and EN 13726.

Production Advantages of Adhesive Film Dressing:

The production links are all automated equipment production.

Environmental Advantages of Adhesive Film Dressing:

We have established production plants and workshops in full compliance with GMP requirements, and have a clean and sterile environment with a dust-free level of 100,000.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.Alle lebensformen. Anna: klebeband und membran

Transparent film dressing is a layer of clear polyurethane film that functions as the secondary dressing to fix wound dressing and catheter. It is waterproof, breathable, elastic, hypoallergenic, and can firmly fix wound dressings and indwelling needles. It can be used in flexible area of body like knee and elbow.

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